Dubai Free Zone

SSC is Dubai’s leading strategic management and consultancy firm specialising in free zone company set-ups. We offer you a wide array of company formation, management and post-incorporation compliance services, and enable you to establish effective business relations within the UAE.

Advantages of Business Set-up Dubai

United Arab Emirates has long been recognised as Middle East’s leading economic and commercial hub. The country has transformed itself into a liberal and attractive business zone, thanks in part to its massive investment in local free zones. UAE free zones, especially free zones in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Ajman offer the most cost effective mix of factors associated with production, transportation and distribution across the Middle East, and serve as a gateway to the regional markets. Some of the premium advantages of UAE free zones include:

  • No personal income tax
  • No corporate tax
  • No customs duties (within the area)
  • Free capital transfer
  • Foreign company ownership
  • Liberal Visa regulations
  • Speedy business set-up & licensing 
  • Low cost operations
  • Easy availability of skilled workforce
  • Ready access to a potential market of 2 billion consumers

At SCC, we help you set-up, manage and effectively run a free zone company in the UAE. Our services related to company set-up and business support Dubai include:

  • Planning and designing business structure for your UAE free zone company
  • Determining the most suitable banking institute for your business
  • Establishing the most effective residency visa for you and your employees
  • Services to help you identify the right Free Zone in UAE
  • Solutions for completing your company’s incorporation and licensing
  • Help with regulatory compliance
  • In-depth advice on UAE Free Zone operations/success

If you seek seamless support with regard to business set-up in UAE, and wish to get the wheels churning at rock-bottom cost, then come to SSC Dubai. For details on our UAE free zone company formation services please call +971-4-3142000 or proceed to our online query form here.